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National Burger Month is May

There is no better way to celebrate the upcoming summer months than with National Burger Month in May. Most everyone loves the aroma of fresh, ground beef wafting off the grill and looks forward to enjoying the all-American favorite meal during the spring and summer months. And it’s a great time to launch our new Bullpen line of burgers. Give us a call to learn more about these great tasting burgers.

Entice diners into your restaurant this month by featuring traditional burgers, highlighting unique burgers that are a slight twist on the conventional favorite or by offering a new burger special each day of the month. Burgers offer a variety of possibilities for diners that can be tailored to their liking with different condiments, bun choices, cheeses and vegetable garnishes.

And don’t forget, you don’t just have to use beef. We have recipes coming up that involve tuna, seafood and pork. Take a look at the video below. Paul and I had a chance to discuss a few ideas in our Test Kitchen;

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Food Operators Beware

I and everyone else in the food industry have watched food prices slowly but steadily rise over the past several months. I spoke about this on NECN a few months ago. While we have tried as hard as we can to control these costs together, we now know that for the foreseeable future, this is our future; rising food costs. There are many reasons including the cost of fuel, a shortage of crops in other parts of the world and other factors in world markets.

These food costs are not coming down anytime soon as we now know and the ability to survive these factors for foodservice operators will require a few tactics.

Three quick pieces of advice;  One, if you have not already, you’re going to have to examine your pricing and adjust accordingly. Next, examine your menu with help from the experts at AGAR and you will most definitely need to crank up your marketing efforts. With all this in mind, do not skimp on the quality of your products. You can grow your business and have customers returning through your door if you preserve quality, so take the idea of reducing the quality of your food items off the table.

Our recent food show had countless foodservice professionals looking to AGAR for solutions to rising food costs. If you were unable to make the food show, you can contact AGAR to arrange an exclusive visit to our Test Kitchen and meet with our Chef Merry.

I also came across this recent article that I thought you would be interested in;

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Plan Your Easter Menu Now

We just wrapped up another successful food show this past week. Our Smackdown food show had more customers than I’ve ever seen. One because, let’s face it, we put on the BEST food show in the region. But two, food costs are going up and operators are looking for ways to improve their profits and create new menu ideas in the process. Check out the photos on our Facebook page;

We always have some of the best ideas in the business regardless of where food costs are. And our own Chef Merry has some great ideas for any season, occasion or holiday. This time we are talking about Easter.

We have any kind of ham you would ever want at this wholesale food distributor but if you’re looking for Lamb, here are a few notes because the cost of lamb is rising at a rapid pace.

AGAR has lamb kabobs that can be an alternative to a traditional roast and offers customers a new type of menu item.  A bone rolled lamb or (BRT) can be a great alternative and a cost effective one at that. Slow roasted with a few herbs and olive oil, and you have yourself a cost effective menu item. And we have a ground lamb that can be used in a pie. Ever thought of a Sheppard’s pie with ground lamb? Pies are becoming a great trend and using lamb could be that next great idea.

Chef Merry and I had a chance to catch up in the Test Kitchen and talk about these ideas. Take a look.

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