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Super bowl Ideas

Here in New England, it kills us to even talk about the subject but Super Bowl is just around the corner. And no matter where you are located, it’s still big business for restaurants and other retail food establishments.  Yeah, our team is not going to being it but don’t let that stop you from promoting the event and filling the house with hungry sports fans and others who want to take in the big game.

My suggestions for this year? Turn it into a family event. Create family friendly ideas that will turn a somber New England crowd into loyal customers. Create specials that revolve around the cities the teams are from. Lots of cheese and other items that come hail from the two cities our teams are from.

I had a chance the other day to have a quick conversation with our own Paul Elias on the subject. Check out our short video below for even more ideas.

This New England Wholesale Food Distributor gives ideas for increasing Super Bowl business.

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It’s Food Show Season

It’s one of the busiest times of the year here at AGAR. We’re getting ready for our annual food show. The official date is coming soon but in the meantime, you need to understand why you need to be there. Deals, ideas, new products, meet new people and product reps…And find new brands that can help build your business and keep your customers coming back.

Each year this food show gets bigger and better and more operators walk away with a renewed sense of enthusiasm when they realize the incredible resources that they can find in one place-The AGAR Food Show.

As a wholesale food distributor in New England, we pride ourselves on not only providing great brands including private label and national popular brands but we are proud to offer sound advice to help you build your business, create new and exciting menu items and help you create efficiencies to help you cut costs and provide value at the same time.

So what does an AGAR Food Show look like? I’m glad you asked…Check out the video below and get excited for our upcoming Food Show coming soon to Gillette Stadium. Check back here soon for more news on our food show.

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