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Ocean Alliance Gulf Expedition Update

The consequences of the recent Gulf oil spill and chemical dispersants in the Gulf region along with the impact this disaster could have on fisheries in the region are difficult to comprehend. The magnitude of the devastation caused by this catastrophe is also difficult to comprehend but at AGAR we are determined to take steps in providing aid and assistance through efforts like our Nautifish line and by spearheading our fundraising and awareness initiative regarding the Odyssey Gulf Expedition.

Marine mammals are a particular concern after the Gulf oil spill as they serve as sentinels for human health and are a key species for both the ocean ecosystem and costal economies. One particular mammal, the Sperm Whale, is in great danger; there is currently only a resident population of about 1,600 species in the Gulf of Mexico. Ocean Alliance our Nautifish charitable partner has been tracking and researching many marine species including the Sperm Whale because they are at the top of the food chain. The expedition will also monitor the immediate and long-term impact on whales and other marine mammals through their breathing behavior.

As marine mammals breathe air at the surface, they may incur an oil slick resulting in respiratory issues or below the surface they may encounter strong fumes emanating from the slick that may render them unconscious and cause them to drown. Ocean Alliance will look to find ways to assist struggling marine life via studies to prevent species from being decimated or going extinct. 

Take a look at this video by Ocean Alliance CEO Ian Kerr while on the expedition and take a look at the Ocean Alliance blog for more updates.

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