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Congressman Visits AGAR

Recently, AGAR had a visit from Congressman Barney Frank. The Massachusetts congressman took time out of his busy schedule to tour the Boston area wholesale food distributor to see why this company is still vibrant and growing in this tough economy. Karen Bressler, president & CEO personally escorted Mr. Frank around the building and showed him around, introducing him to a number of AGAR team members and show the congressman why AGAR is doing well.

Karen first showed Mr. Frank the Test Kitchen where AGAR customers can get extensive help with their menus from Chef Jeff Merry. This is a real value to the independent restaurant operator as many chains already do this for their locations. The congressman was introduced to the concept and briefed on what takes place their with customers,. Mr. Frank then took a tour of the warehouse with Karen and learned more about the ins and outs of the operation including the voice recognition software used to pick orders; keeping AGAR efficient with their warehouse operations.

The congressman ended his tour with a visit to cafeteria where he met with many on the AGAR team and learned more about their concerns and issues that affect their lives. A much more cordial visit than the ones he been used to lately…

Karen Bressler and Congressman Barney Frank

Karen Bressler and Congressman Barney Frank




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More Summer Salads

As this is written; it is about 95 degrees in greater Boston, so it’s pretty timely to be talking about salads. The next salad on my list of summer specials is a Mexican Lettuce Wrap. A great addition to your menu for the end of the summer. It offers not only a cool alternative to other sandwiches and mainstays on the menu but it’s a great addition any time of the year. It encompasses thinly sliced chicken breast with just the right amount of salsa and Mexican flavors. Put this one on your specials list for the rest of the summer;

Ingredients, Amount

Tri Color Tortilla Stripes, 8 oz

Boston lettuce, leaves, 24 each

Sour Cream, 7 oz

Mexican Mole Sauce, 1 oz

Chicken breast, cooked, thin sliced, 12 oz

Simplot Flame Roasted Corn & Peppers, 12 oz

Shredded Yellow Cheddar, 12 oz

Mild Salsa, 16 oz

Simplot Extreme Supreme Guacamole, 8 oz

Lime Wedges, 16 ea

Cilantro Sprigs, 24 ea

Arrange 6 lettuce cups on plate. Place 3 oz chicken breast, 1 1/2 oz tri color tortilla stripes, 3 oz of cheese and 3 oz Simplot Flame Roasted Corn & Peppers on the plate.  Add 4 oz salsa, 2 oz Simplot Extreme Supreme Guacamole and 2 oz of mole, sour cream. Garnish the plate with 2 lime wedges and 3 cilantro sprigs.


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