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Meet Karen Bressler:

We’d like to start introducing you to a number of people here at AGAR, New England’s largest independent food distributor. Karen Bressler is the president and CEO and has been at the helm of AGAR for the past eight years, overseeing tremendous growth during that time. She has done it with the help of a strong team, an intense focus on helping customers make more profits and a philosophy of adding value to the customer experience. Karen and her team are always looking for ways to help the independent restaurant operator increase profits and build customer traffic through exciting new menu trends and other valuable ways.

As a food distributor in New England, AGAR is fortunate to have a number of independent restaurants to service. New England has a rich history of great family-run restaurants, small pub-style operations and other “Mom and Pop” operations. AGAR has been around since 1940 and has built a large customer base over the years and Karen makes it a point to meet as many of her customers as she can to understand exactly what kind of products and support they need from AGAR.

Now it’s time for you to meet Karen. View the video below and get to know Karen a little better.

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